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Hi Monzo !

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One month ago, I registered to a new bank : Monzo.

It's a completely new bank. A new mobile bank. Yep, no office, just using an Android or iOS app. To quote them :

Finally, a bank as smart as your phone.

Built for your smartphone, this is banking like never before. One that updates your balance instantly, gives intelligent notifications, and is easy to use.

We’re trying to build the best bank on the planet and we want you on board.

Monzo website

Another bank ? But why ?

Monzo is not just a "bank" as we are used to. The company sells services or will sell services (they started not long ago). Bank account is just the foundation. They have quite nice features already implemented or in preparation :

  • Instant notification of your transactions
  • Instant account balance
  • Freeze / unfreeze debit card with one push button
  • Send money to friends
  • Bill splitting
  • Categories
  • Budget planning
  • and much more coming

That's why I liked it as soon as I saw this list : they are trying to make your life easier. Not just selling bank account, savings, insurance, etc. They try to solve the everyday problems.
Their Android app is really fancy, and fast. And they seem to build a really good backend. Technologies I like.

Funny fact : I ordered a debit card, and it's written "Beta" on it. I am not used to have a beta product to pay, but it's working and I look forward seeing more coming from this company !

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