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Convenience 1 vs Privacy 0

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Smartphone holds a big part of our life, and private life. Unfortunately, last week someone I know had his smartphone stolen. An Android.

Next day, this person came with a brand new smartphone, already configured. In less than an hour. Every bit of information was back. Nothing missing. And a happy user, with a big smile on his face : "Sweet !".
Of course, Google Backup was running on his previous smartphone.

Let's think about it : to restore the data, the company had to store all these data in its data store. Yes, ALL. So Google has access to all your data. It can parse it, and do whatever it wants with it.

But convenience is the winner here. And will always be.
Sometimes I wonder if I continue to teach users about privacy, or if I should convince representatives to change regulations and companies.
Which one is harder ?

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